Success Story: SA Biotech Company Saves R5 million through R&D Grant 


“Working with Catalyst Solutions has been a very positive and enjoyable experience.” 

  • Dominic Malan, Commercial Retail Partner, Maltento




Maltento is a Cape Town-based BioTech company specialising in regenerative nutrition. Maltento was working on a number of production and product innovations connected to the development of a novel biotechnological process to convert by-products from the brewing industry into sustainable natural nutritional ingredients derived from insects. 


The Challenge: 

Although Maltento had received some investment to assist with the significant R&D projects ahead, they still required further financial assistance to meet their goals. Maltento were aware that they might be entitled to R&D grants and incentives but were unsure of how to maximise their opportunity. 


The Solution: 

Catalyst Solutions worked together with Maltento to analyse all available opportunities to add to their R&D investment. Catalyst Solutions found that Maltento’s R&D efforts were eligible for an R&D tax incentive and the Support Program for Industrial Innovation (SPII) Grant. 


R5million (SPII) Grant Payout

Catalyst conducted all the paperwork and calculations required for the DTIC due diligence and audit process. The application was approved several months later and Maltento received R5 million in grant funding over a two year period.  

150% Tax Deduction 

Catalyst Solutions also submitted an R&D tax incentive application for this same project. Ultimately, the application was approved by the Minister of Science & Innovation and unlocked a 150% tax deduction for Maltento on their R&D costs.  


KPI Snapshot: Success in Numbers


R5 Million

Granted to Maltento over 2 years


Tax deduction on Maltento’s R&D costs


The number of months it took to receive SPII Grant after application


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