AboutCatalyst Solutions

Secure the resources your business needs to grow.Optimise your business to thrive.

Identifying Opportunities,Maximising Growth.

Growth and innovation depend on freeing up or getting access to new capital, optimising resources and leveraging complex regulatory environments to maximise your business’s advantage.

We carefully consider the goals and challenges of every partner business and implement a holistic programme to drive growth and exceed industry benchmarks.

Catalyst Solutions are global leaders in identifying and securing innovative funding solutions including grants and tax incentives that will enable your business to innovate and grow.

We don’t just look for opportunities. We help your business become more effective at taking advantage of opportunities and realising material savings. Our multidisciplinary team will work with businesses to optimise resources, thoroughly analyse industry opportunities and open new opportunities they’re needed them most.

Whether it’s a startup developing breakthrough technologies or a multinational corporation seeking to free up or get access to more productive capital, we offer partner businesses the resources that can make the difference between sluggish performance and accelerated growth.

Our experience and specialist knowledge uniquely positions us to identify opportunities, pinpoint industry specific incentives and tailor a solution for each business.

As part of the VAT IT group, Catalyst Solutions is on the forefront of global tax efficiency and business optimisation.

Incentives available to businesses commonly include, and are by no means limited to, cash grants, additional tax deductions and subsidised growth finance. There are also a wide range of industry-specific grants and incentives.

Identifying, processing and securing such opportunities, and dealing with complex regulatory issues involved, requires vast expertise and experience.

That’s one reason our specialist team frequently exceeds the expectations of our clients, achieving savings that are significantly larger than anticipated.

A team of specialists in your corner

The global regulatory environment is dizzyingly complex. Our multidisciplinary teams of specialists includes chartered accountants, tax experts and attorneys who identify opportunities from all relevant angles and deliver results efficiently and effectively. Our team also includes engineers and scientists to deal with all technical challenges of emerging and established industries.

We pride ourselves on combining professional specialisation with practical wisdom. Our deep industry knowledge has been acquired over many years of partnership with leading multinational corporations and industry bodies.

Our Leadership

Our team of experienced consultants is made up of chartered accountants,
engineers, tax specialists, scientists and legal professionals

Dov Paluch - Director: Research

Through his background in law and IT, and due to his passion for innovation, Dov founded Catalyst Research Solutions and is now involved in assisting companies in the global push towards knowledge based economies. Dov has international consulting experience. Prior to founding Catalyst Solutions, Dov worked at one of Australia’s premier law firms and also spent a number of years at Deloitte. Dov is a registered tax practitioner and is a member of the SA Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT) as well as a member of the SAIT Incentives Tax Committee.

Christo Engelbrecht - Director: Incentives

Christo has more than 16 years’ experience in specialised government grants and incentives consulting work and has over this time been involved in assisting various multinational, listed entities and large privately owned businesses to raise grant funding and tax savings in excess of R10 billion. Before founding Catalyst Incentive Solutions in 2012, Christo was an Associate Director at Deloitte and prior to that he was employed by the Department of Trade and Industry where he worked on various incentive programmes and was responsible for the management of the Critical Infrastructure Programme (CIP). Christo is a member of the South African Tax Practitioners (SAIT) and is a member of both the SAIT grants and incentives and the carbon and energy efficiency committees.

Joslin Lydall - Energy & Resource Efficiency

Joslin is a chemical engineer with over 10 years of experience in sustainability. Her focus over the years has been on assisting clients to identify, fund and implement resource efficiency projects (energy, water, waste & greenhouse gas emissions). She also has a focus on post-consumer waste management and has been involved in the development of a number of waste management plans for private and public sector.

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